Can anyone help me build a payments tracking spreadsheet with interest, late fees, etc.?


I need help to build a spreadsheet that can track multiple payments, late fees, interest, multiple and varying payment dates, etc. pertaining to owner financed properties. I manage the office for an elderly man who over the years has personally financed numerous properties for people, but I have no way to see where these people are in their payment schedules and some would like to buy out their mortgage with a bank financed loan for better interest rates. 

Can anyone help me or should I see if he can afford to purchase some kind of a program to do this for us??

Thank you




Lora, take a look at the attached spreadsheet to see if it does what you want.

This is based on standard home loan calculations. 

Most values, except PAY DATE and AMT PAID, auto-populate based upon the initial set-up values in the Loan Information Table.  You will need to enter the values in the cells highlighted in light brown.

I added a column for late fees which populates based upon the actual payment date


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