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In a spreadsheetI am trying to modify I want to use the following formula, in cell R7 I have the formula =IF(G1=2,O7) What Iwant to do is change the value in G1 without  altering the value in R7 is this possible?

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The IF function consists of 3 parts as follows.

IF( [Condition], [Result if Tue], [Result if False] )

Your formula in R7 doesn't match this requirement. IF(G1=2,O7) only provides a result if the condition is True but none to be applied if G1 <> 2. Excel will insert the missing result and, simply, return "FALSE". This is probably upsetting you.

The solution to your problem is therefore in defining what you want R7 to show when G1<>2. Perhaps something like this?



Thank you Variatas your solution has solved the problem
Ray 37 (rep: 2) Aug 2, '17 at 12:27 am
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