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i want to hide formula but display the result. how to write a macros code for that. eg. i having sheet,and i want to protect the sheet and formulae.i have face dificulty like .. i hide the formulae but when i changed the value of particular cell it does nt changes the result ,,means formulae dint work. please help me ..

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You don't need VBA for this. You just need to lock the cells.

Select the cells you want to be able to alter by hand and right-click them > Format Cells... > Protection tab > uncheck Locked and hit OK.

Then go to the Review tab and click Protect Sheet and enter a password to use to unlock everything.

This allows cells to contain formulas and functions and allows them to update but doesn't allow users to edit the formulas or functions.


After re-reading your question, it sounds like you may just need to turn calculation back on: Go to the Formulas tab > Calculation Options > and make sure there is a check next to where it says Automatic.


Tutorials from us that explain how to secure data and protect worksheets.

The second link is a macro like you wanted.

Allow Only Certain People to Edit Specific Cells in Excel

Hide Formulas in a Worksheet and Prevent Deletion

The first link basically just explains in more detail what I already said. In addition, when you go to protect the cells, you might want to make sure that there is no checkmark next to where it says something like "select cells" or similar.



i tried but its not worked. for securing the sheet i need a macro code, which allow to change the value as per the select the criteria. when i tries its get freeze. the value dint change . please help me
dipankar Jul 27, '17 at 7:05 am
Then you need to update your question and add the code that is causing the issue or upload the problem worksheet. It is not clear what the problem is just by your description.

Also, please only select an Answer if it solved your problem.
don (rep: 1566) Jul 27, '17 at 7:30 am
place list ( 100 no of names in list form)
value of place ( i put a formulae that is fetch through my raw data according to place list.

i need to hide formula and secure my cell. i used above suggestion but its dint work.. i want macro code which can hide my formula . 
dipankar Jul 27, '17 at 8:07 am
don (rep: 1566) Jul 28, '17 at 5:08 pm
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