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My brother Working in A village Located Rangpur,Bangladesh As Doctor. there some 9 village he give treatment for free.  i need a help to create Spreadsheet where can track "Tika Dose Taken date" . Bellow information are:   1. Every Dose have fixed day as (If someone birth Today he have to take 1st dose in 12 Days, 2nd dose maybe after 40 days, 3rd dose maybe after three months) or a customiza Date option for every Dose. Solution i need in Tika Spreadsheet tracking : 1. date 27/07/2017 maybe birth 20 child, they have to give 1st dose in 12 Days, 2nd dose maybe after 40 days, 3rd dose maybe after three months. if Tika Dose taken by exact date the Patient name, id, will Indicate something as can blink, change the color. All data will track by Computer Real-time  Date.  2. If Dose given date over from , if DR. not write any status as YES/ NO, the Dose given date will change color    Can you Please do the help to me, to Create the Spreadsheet tracking Excel. for example i attach a file    S M Arif


Is hear anyone can help me on it Please
smarifulislam Jul 25, '17 at 12:35 pm
If you post in multiple forums at once, you can expect people to not want to help...
don (rep: 1521) Jul 26, '17 at 4:41 am
I did prepare rather a nice solution for you. It seems you didn't even look at it. Frankly, that isn't a nice way to behave.
Variatus (rep: 2354) Jul 30, '17 at 6:29 am
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I have prepared a VBA based solution for you which please find attached. It does all you want and more, but perhaps a little different from what you thought yourself. Take a look.

I added a sheet to your file to offer help. Please read it. The data I copied from your original workbook can be deleted. Just bear in mind that you shouldn't delete the very first data row (row 3). This is the row from which all other rows copy their formatting. Whenever you want to improve or change the formatting of your sheet introduce the changes in row 3, and all new rows will follow automatically.

Let me know if you need any help getting started with this new program.


Here are some tips:

Use conditional formatting to make the cells change color based on if they have taken the dose or not. Base the color on the Yes and No values in the Dose Take Status section.

For the Dosage Dates for scheduling, just add the required number of days or months to the date (there are many ways to do this).

For your issue about managing multiple patiens via one section, such as looking at all babies born on the same date and managing them together, this is a bad idea since they might not all take the dose on the same day.

To solve this issue, simply apply a filter to your list and filter by date and then you can input Yes or No into the first cell and double-click the quick-fill handle in the bottom right of the cell to fill that value down for all other babies from that date.


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