Preserving Chart Formatting when refreshing Data in Powerpivot Workbook


Hello all -

I have created a Dashboard in Powerpivot for Excel which has multiple charts with multiple slicers.

I need to update my dashboard on a monthly basis, so this will require me to upload (refresh) new data into my powerpivot workbook.

When I upload the new data, this will most likely break the existing connections I have linked and will also break all the formatting I have created on my individual charts, which will require the painstaking process of re-creating my charts.

Once I re-establish my connections in the workbook, is there a way to preserve the chart formatting so I can import the new data into the pivot charts without impacting the charts?

I am fairly new to Powerpivot so if there is a simpler process for updating my source data monthly without having to recreate my dashboard each month, I'd really appreciate the help.

Thanks so much,





It really depends on how you "update" your data. If you put it in the same cells on the same worksheet as the original data, then it shouldn't matter.

Or, if you can create a pivottable from data that links to the source data, then just update the source data, maybe that can work.


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