How to set date from sheet 2 in a timesheet in sheet 1


I have created a timesheet in sheet1 and I intered months in sheet2. I linked it with combo box in sheet1. Now when I click a month the date start with number of month not with the first day of the month. For example when I click the month of March, the date starts from third of march, when I click the month of April, the date starts form fourth of April not from first April.

I request you if you have any formula to resolve the problem.




It isn't possible to correct your formula - if it is wrong - because you didn't publish your formula. You should tell us where you want the date.
However, I suspect that your problem isn't with the formula at all. It might be with your date format. If your computer is set to use American (or perhaps your formula or code) dates the format would be Month/Day/Year while English dates are written Day/Month/Year. The juxtaposition of the month might be caused by your PC settings. Look at the Regional Settings.
Variatus (rep: 4258) Jul 24, '17 at 11:08 pm
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