Macro for autofill a cell based on a value in a different sheet



I'm having a hard time trying to find a macro for the following use:

Taking in consideration the example (, consider that i have in the "sheet 1" the table with the columns Country and Food.

In the sheet 2, i have two columns named Country#1 and Food#1. The macro i want, needs to autofill the Food#1 cell that is associated with the right text in Country#1 cell, via the drop down list.

Example: When i select "Madrid" in Country#1, it needs to autofill the Food#1 with the text "Tapas and tortillas".

Thank you for all the help.

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This is a simple formula; no macro needed.


A3 contains the drop down list and A1:B2 is the table.

To put on a separate sheet, it would look like this:



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