Company names in cells moved to a text file & separated by commas


I have list of company names in a column and would like to copy each one from it's cell, insert it in a text field, add a comma at the end of the name and repeat for each company in my list.






File Save as CSV.  I didn't see your sample of what you have and what results you want, so I'm left to figure out exactly what you mean.  If you would be so kind as to show us what you have and what results you want, I could answer better.  You may wish to copy company names to a new worksheet place in Column A then in Column B you could type in a blank space, Copy it down (the same length as Customers in Col.A) do the file save as CSV and you'll have "CompanyName,".



What I needed to do is convert a column of company names into a comma separated list.  I found this way to do it: Copy the list of companies in Excel. Open Word, select "paste special" as "text" only and paste into Word document.  Using search and replace I replaced all the "^p" with a ",".  Worked slick.
seamus (rep: 4) Jul 12, '17 at 1:56 pm
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