Using VLookup for currency codes and exchange rates



I am trying to set up a Vlookup formula to select a currency code from a dropdown list on the income sheet (attached) (cell C2) and then return the corresponding exhange rate from the FX grid sheet.

My excel knowledge is fairly basic, so please be gentle :-)



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don (rep: 1969) Jul 13, '17 at 2:44 pm
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Vlookup format  = vlookup(Lookup Value, Table/Array,ColumnIndex,ExactMatch?)

check out the attached.  I put in a cell to SHOW the conversion Factor (you could omitt, but it generally nice to see rate for verifying).  If you use the fx function in excel, it also shows you some hints and help with functions.  Type "=vlookup(" then hit the fx ~ it will help guide through many functions.


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