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Interactive Heat Map Cooling Over Time


I have a list of categories for all the business and personal activities I need to stay focussed on. I'm trying to create an interactive heat map, so that when I click on one activity the box it's in will change color. If I click on that same box again it will again change color, growing warmer.  After five days of not clicking on an item I want each box to cool one color, and to do this for every five days that pass until it reaches the cool limit of the heatmap.  

By doing this I can look at a table of to-do categories and see if I'm spending too much time on some, and not enough on others.  

If this sort of thing is possible, please enlighten me!

Much Thanks,




I have to say that is a really interesting idea! You should just need a hidden worksheet or column and a simple macro to change the color when you click a cell and that's it. It is definitely possible but I certainly don't have time to make that for you. When I get more time this week I can point you in the right direction and give you some code to make it work for a single cell and then you can build it out from there.
don (rep: 1989) Jul 9, '17 at 4:50 pm
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Here is a VERY rough version of the template which currently only works for cell A1.

This should, however, give you a really good head-start!

(Sheet 2 and 3 are important so don't delete them.)


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