scroll a long validation dropdown list


Is there a way to scroll a long validation dropdown list with the mouse wheel ?




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What an annoying problem that I never thought of.... I'm on a laptop so I don't know about the scroll-wheel of a mouse, but there is a simple way to do it using the keyboard.

You can select the cell and hit PageUp PageDown Home End or use the arrow keys UpArrow or DownArrow.

You can also see the drop down list without clicking once you select the cell by hitting Alt + DownArrow

I have seen rather invovled methods of using programming to make the list move with the scroll-wheel, but none of those ways seemed to be very reliable.



Thank you for your answer,
my dropdown list is over 200 lins, so the PageUp PageDown Home End sounds like a good idea, 
but i find this Solution to scroll and it was very helpful for me

JAExcel (rep: 10) Jul 10, '17 at 3:24 pm
I saw that thread and that is actually what I was referring to when I said that there are some rather involved programming ways to achieve this.

Be carful with that solution as it seems to cause issues in some systems, such as crashing.

If Excel starts to act up and you can't figure out why, try disabling this macro first when troubleshooting the issue.
don (rep: 1576) Jul 13, '17 at 2:35 pm
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