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I am learning excel but cannot understand how to annualize my data.  I am needing to take my WC rate of .18 and annualize from the start date of 5/22/17 to 6/28/2017.  I cant seem to get it right.  Can someone help me?

Start Date Employee ID SUI State for Check Workers Comp Rate Regular Hours 5/22/2017   SC 0.18 80


Hi there, Im not sure what is WC? Can you explain the issue in more detail? If you could include a sample file showing before and after that would be even better.
cappymer1 (rep: 120) Jul 3, '17 at 9:41 am
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I would get so many weeks worth of data (try to say 4 weeks of data), then get the wages by person for the 4 weeks.  Multiply by 13 (to make 4 weeks a full year or 52 weeks, you would multiply by 13 to get annualized wages, then multiply by your WC factor. if it is an odd number of weeks you will have factor with decimal (for 7 weeks ~ 52 / 7 = 7.43)


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