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Sir, i am working on a salary file, where in am strucked in tax calculations. the tax rates are as follows:

for the first 300000 the tax rate is 7%

for the next 300000 the tax rate is 11%

for the next 500000 the tax rate is 15%

more than 500000 is 19%

for example if the salary is 935680

7% slab 300000*7% = 21000

11% slab 300000*11% = 33000

15% slab (935680-300000-300000=335600*15%) = 50352

i am unable to make this formula in excel. please help




There are many examples of this on the internet and many ways to do this.

I made a version of this kind of template and included it below.

It's very simple and should be easy to understand.


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