how to only see a certain amount of cells based on a particular value



I want to find out if there is a conditional formating or if there is a formula that will only show particular amount of cells based on a particular value given.

So For example

In my A Column i have a certain number lets say 3

Between B & Q which is 16 Columns i have 1 to 16 listed Respetively per Column.

Between 1 to 16 different there are formulas inside there that bring up unique results and can vary based on the information to either be completely full to column Q or have a few results...

Based on that number 3 how do i only show up 3 results of those repective columns so therefore Column B C D should only show up with its results?

I have highlighted in red specifically what i want to see... i dont need any other results other than the specfic value in A column



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Use the attached one, Thanks




Nileshraje, please include a summary of the contents of the included file so that user's can better follow what you are posting without having to open the file.

don (rep: 1900) Jun 27, '17 at 5:28 pm
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