Determine if row is odd or even not using MOD


Hi all,

I've been using the MOD function to determine if a row is odd or even but people who read through the file often get confused or I simply forget how to use it if I haven't done so for a few months....

Is there a simpler way to determine if a row is odd or even?





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If you do NOT have  any rows hidden, you can start in Row 1 and put 'ODD', go to row 2 put 'EVEN', then copy (Rows 1 & 2) to some reasonably large number down.  You could put in first Column (A).  Hide it if you'd like so it's not in the way.  Curious, why do you need to know whether or not a row is odd or even?



Gloriously simple! I love it! I'm trying to put certain formulas in the odd cells and certain formulas in the even cells.

Thanks so much!
lizzy (rep: 4) Jun 20, '17 at 2:16 pm
They don't call me simpleton for 'Know' reason! Ha ha. (I'm one of the  'S's in the KISS principle....Keep it Simpleton S
queue (rep: 467) Jun 20, '17 at 2:33 pm
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