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Hi gurus!

I am sure this is an easy problem for you to solve but how do I add the current date to each worksheet page that is printed? A date at the bottom of each printed page is what I would like.

Thanks in advance!



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Once you get to Print menu, you'll go to Page Setup, then Header/Footer tab, select Custom Footer, Choose location (Left section, Center section or Right Section),  Then select the button that looks like calendar (next to the clock) and it will put in current Date.  Also you can use the combination of "Ctrl + :" in the spread sheet to put current date.



Wowa, thank you for that! The page setup link is so small on the print screen for excel 2016, but I found it; you saved me.

Mrinder (rep: 2) Jun 19, '17 at 4:00 pm
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Hi, placing the date on the printout may be suitable for the purpose you are looking for. But, if you are considering to serve as the latest version of the file, it may not be a good thing. The reason is that you can print an old file with the current date. I use a filenaming convention like:

YYYYMMDD_filename relevant to the content of the file.xlsx, then I place the file name in the header or footer. You can back it up with a date as well if you wish. Just I thought, I share my experience with you too. When I save the file in a later date, I refelect it in the YYYYMMDD part.

All the best! Simon


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