How to combine different excel files into one file without any data corruption.


Pls tell how i can combine differnet excel files to one file. For example :- I have 30-50 excel files each having same pattern of data like in coloumn A there is heading of "GROUP NAME" in column B there is heading of "CODE" and in column in C there is heading of "DISCRIPTION"  and in column D there is heading of "UNIT" and in Column E there is heading of "RATE". Each file follows the same pattern so pls tell me, How i will able to combine the files to one file.

I did not know about tags so i am not filling those. But as it is necessary to give the tag so i have given a tag without any reason.





You can use one of these macros from us:

Combine Multiple Workbooks into One

Combine Worksheets from Multiple Workbooks into One


You can use the Consolidate command -> Data tab > Consolidate

Here is a guide from us on how to use the Consolidate feature:

Combine Data from Multiple Worksheets in Excel

and a guide on combining data:

Guide to Combine and Consolidate Data in Excel

You can find this and many more resources by searching this site at the top of any page.

Take a look at these tutorials and come back if you have any questions.


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