How to combine different excel files into one file without any data corruption.


Pls tell how i can combine differnet excel files to one file. For example :- I have 30-50 excel files each having same pattern of data like in coloumn A there is heading of "GROUP NAME" in column B there is heading of "CODE" and in column in C there is heading of "DISCRIPTION"  and in column D there is heading of "UNIT" and in Column E there is heading of "RATE". Each file follows the same pattern so pls tell me, How i will able to combine the files to one file.

I did not know about tags so i am not filling those. But as it is necessary to give the tag so i have given a tag without any reason.





You can use one of these macros from us:

Combine Multiple Workbooks into One

Combine Worksheets from Multiple Workbooks into One


You can use the Consolidate command -> Data tab > Consolidate

Here is a guide from us on how to use the Consolidate feature:

Combine Data from Multiple Worksheets in Excel

and a guide on combining data:

Guide to Combine and Consolidate Data in Excel

You can find this and many more resources by searching this site at the top of any page.

Take a look at these tutorials and come back if you have any questions.


I think the tricks which I am gonna share, will surely help you to work for combining different Excel files into one without facing any data corruption. I have a solution through which you can automatically update one Excel worksheet from another sheet.

Manually enter the formula

·         Open your destination worksheet, tap to the cell that is having link formula and put an equal sign (=) across it

·         Now go to the source sheet and tap to the cell which is having data. press Enter from your keyboard and save your tasks.

Note- make sure that the formatting of destination and source worksheet both are the same.

Likewise, you can copy and update an Excel worksheet data to another worksheet. So, check out the following link for further more solutions:


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