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I'm in excel and am trying to compare one range of numbers to another, but the range has specific values. For example, I'm trying to compare a student who earned a low level 2 score of 329 last year to a high level two score of 342 this year. HELP!!  



How is the data setup? And how do you want to perform the 'comparison'? You can edit your question and upload a sample spreadsheet if that makes it easier to explain.
don (rep: 1745) Jun 15, '17 at 8:33 am
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If the names are exactly the same you could compare (or you could use a unique identifier, such as StudentNumber or SSN.  An easy way may be to arrange the info in Columns: IdNo, Name, Score, Date(for the different testings).....You could then have this data in a Pivot Table where you would have the Dates in COLUMN LABEL, IdNo & Name in ROW LABELS; and your Scores in the VALUES part of the Pivot Table.  You can even add formulas calculating the Variance of the 2 scores, Average etc (you can add to Pivot Table OR it's sometimes easier to have it in the column next to the Pivot Table (caution if you put next to Pivot Table: if you refresh Pivot table, the formulas may need to be fixed too!)


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