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I am trying to create a formula that will populate the following excel sheet (See Below)

Denominator divided by numerator equals what % and then the number of numerator hits needed to reach a specific percentage goal.



The spreadsheet was not attached. Edit your qestion to upload it if you want.

But, what do you mean by "number of numerator hits"  ?
don (rep: 1705) Jun 14, '17 at 4:34 pm
Can you tell me how to attach the spreadsheet to this response?  Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Denominator is total number of women in each measure   Column B           Numerator is total number of women who had the screening done   Column C           Percent Rate complete I know would be the numerator divided by the denominator Column B and C           Number of hits needed would the number of additional numerators hits(Women who had the screening) to reach the percentage goal in column F                           My goal is when column B or C change it will automatically populate Column D and Column E to show how many more women need to have the service to reach the set goal in column F.  I was able to add the spreadsheet to the original question
bdennis Jun 14, '17 at 6:01 pm
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I attempted your task. Question: why is the percentage 75% in one column and .75% in the other?  I'm believing that these are supposed to be the same?

A formula was added to get the final Percentage ~ highlighted in Yellow.  I attempted to correct Percentages to be same formatting.   You could use another column to See if Goal is Reached (use an IF formula).  You could also check into Goal Seeking [ Data Tab, What-if Analysis.



Thank you for your response.  This helps.  Your question as to why is the percentage 75% in one column and .75% in the other?  I'm believing that these are supposed to be the same? No, they should not be the same at all times.  This document was created to track the current rate and how many hits needed to reach the Goal.        Row 3 would be a better example.  Column 3D represents the current rate and column 3E should indicate how many more women need to get the screening to reach the desired goal of 75%.  The goal may be different per each measure.  The sole purpose of the document is to track the progress of how close we are to meet the desired goal.  
bdennis Jun 16, '17 at 8:25 am
1. Did my example solve your issue?  2. I may not have been clear on The Percentage Rate~ The 0.03% will never get to 75% due to the dividing by 100.  I was trying to get the 2 figures (Percent Rate completed & Percentage Goal) having the same format.  This way 75% would be able to equal 75%, leaving it the other way, you would have 0.75% Rate Complete Equalling 75% Percentage Goal. So in row 2, the Percentage rate (74.86%) would be able to get close to the Percentage Goal (75%).  I was headding in the direction of making a formula to determine when the 2 items would be equal (knowing that it may not ever happen).
queue (rep: 442) Jun 16, '17 at 8:48 am
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