RANK with VLOOKUP, how to keep everyone on the chart with a zero value


I have a rank chart and its ranking my Employees in asending order. I would like to keep all the Employees on the chart even with a 0 value, the reason why is, the Employees with 0 points are in first place. What am i missing to make this happen? Below is my rank chart, when i use vlookup to corvert this chart were is automatically updates from first to last is were im having issues, i want every employee on there at all times even when tied, but when they are tied it only shows the top guy on the list

FORMULA: =IFNA(RANK.EQ(BD3,$BD$3:$BE$16,1),"") is what im using above (Rank Chart), when i am using my actual chart im using =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(C104,AW:BE,3,0),"--") This is the displayed chart that everyone will see



I'm not sure what EE means, but charts usually show zero values by default. Can you edit your question and upload a sample file?
don (rep: 1745) Jun 14, '17 at 3:52 am
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Mybe you need to adjust the data that Excel selects to show on the chart.

If you select the entire data table at once and some values on top are "--" then Excel might not include them in the data series by default.

To change that, select the chart, go to the Design tab, Select Data button, and for the Legend Entries section select the header and hit Edit and update the series name and series values to point to the correct data; then hit OK and do the same for the Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels.

These steps worked for me when I made a sample table with the Vlookup formula you included above.


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