Create a Macro that does a same vlookup in different excel sheets using a hyperlink


I am trying to create a macro which would do a similar vlookup between any given two excel sheets. 

Eg. - I have been doing a vlookup of a particular data everyday on our BAU files. i.e. I work today on 01/02/2017.xlsx tommorrow I have to do a vlookup on 02/02/2017.xlsx against 01/02/2017.xlsx to get the data from yesterdays file and identify new cases and the same thing is repeated everyday.

I need help in creating a macro that could solve this problem by creating a button (macro enabled) and creating a hyperlink of two excels, where i can insert any two days excel and the vlookup is taken care automatically. 

Currently, I am just able to do a vlookup between particular excels using macro but not sure how to do the same vlookup on different sheets using macro.

Kindly advice. 




Take a look at this macro (UDF) and see if it does what you want. (It's one of ours from

Vlookup Function That Searches The Entire Workbook - UDF


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