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Im currently using Excel 2007 (for the time being) and creating an asset system for my work. I was hoping to have about 300 rows with one scrollbar indicating whether the said item is 'IN' the building or 'OUT' of the building. The Scrollbar effects a column of data in FF8, setting its corresponding cell to either '0'(IN) or '1'(OUT) this is then being taken back to a column next to the scrollbar with a formula "=IF(FF8=0,"IN","OUT")". I was hoping that one of you helpful people could tell me how i could save my time from copy and pasting all 300 of the scrollbars and nudging the linked cell by 'FF+1' each time.

EDIT (28/6/2017)

Here is a sample of the file.

If you look at the lighting sheet you'll notice i've tried to put the scrollbars where the should be and i wanted that to continue all the way down the page, im just struggling to get the program to autofill the linked cell to the next.

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Usually you just copy/paste formulas to all required cells and the cel references update accordingly and it takes almost no time.

Are you talking about using data validation? I'm really confused. Update your question and upload a sample file.
don (rep: 1785) Jun 7, '17 at 5:33 am
Hi don, Updated the post.
Morganbeecher0202 Jun 28, '17 at 5:59 am
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