How to keep factor numbers in sequence in a list (Excel 2013)?


I have a problem when sorting a list alphabetically if that list cantains factor numbers; for example, if I have a list of: n1, n2, n3......n11; after sorting this list alphabetically, it appears like this: n1, n10, n11, n2. I need them keep in sequence. Any help, please? 



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Have a helper column. Helper column will have only numbers (you can then sort numerically). The helper column can be derrived by using Data Extract (aka Text to Columns), use Fixed with..Create a break line after the 'n' which will separate the text 'n' from the number. PLEASE copy this in a different column or worksheet (so you will not lose your original data). Once you have the numbers, you can paste back into the 'Helper Column' and keep for sorting purposes



Please consider that the series of (N'), I mean n1, n2, n3, ... n11, is not the only data in the list. other text is also included in the list with no numbers.

Thank You!
Realist (rep: 4) Jun 7, '17 at 4:43 am
That shouldn't matter. You can filter the list by the cells that contain the "n" as the first letter and then follow queue's steps for just those rows and then remove the filter and perform a 2 column sort.
don (rep: 1890) Jun 7, '17 at 5:44 am
Thank you very much!
Realist (rep: 4) Jun 11, '17 at 3:26 am
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