Save issues in shared document


Hi. I have a shared document running on 6 terminals on a central server, one terminal however,  is not playing the game. It will not save to the same file address.  It shows a file conflict and puts a copy on to its H drive. 

I have checked all the settings on this terminal with all the others and can't find any issues.

Thanks D



Honestly, I think you need to speak with an IT guy about this. I at least don't know enough information about this to say that it is more than potentially a sharing violation issue and someone else might be using the file at the same time.
don (rep: 1551) Jun 4, '17 at 1:18 am
Thanks Don. I've asked the IT department but thay say every things correct. Settings, file paths and shortcuts or good. The affected terminal opens, saves and closes a non shared excel file, with no problem. I still think its an excel program issue on this terninal..
DaveC Jun 4, '17 at 4:34 pm
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