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I included a small sample of the data but have a much large data set with 4 categories. I also want to trim the mean because there are outliers. So if you were to choose Warehouse A, and the channel as Big Box the toys R Us average of 225 is really going to throw the number off. Any suggestions on how to do it when I make choices on the categories.




I had formula in Cell J4   ~ =AVERAGEIFS($E$2:$E$46,$A$2:$A$46,"A*",$D$2:$D$46,"Big Box*",$C$2:$C$46,"Toys R Us").  check out AverageIfs.  Average is AVERAGE



I was just using Toys R Us as an example. Im looking for Warehouse A and the channel as Big box. I also need to use Trimmed Mean to get rid of the 225 in row 35.
Brad1984 (rep: 2) May 30, '17 at 3:27 pm
sorry, i'm not familiar with the function, but look into http://www.excelfunctions.net/Excel-Trimmean-Function.html.  What could be done is put data into Pivot table, then Segregate the results for what you would like (i.e. Ware House A; Toys R US & Big Box) then use trimmean function?
queue (rep: 403) May 30, '17 at 3:43 pm
Thank you for your responses, after some digging I found what I need to do.
Brad1984 (rep: 2) May 30, '17 at 4:06 pm
Please share the answer if you found it so future visitors can figure this out if they have the same issue.
don (rep: 1551) Jun 4, '17 at 1:21 am
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