some macros not working in excel 2016



First of all thank you for the weekly updates, its really very helpful.

I have many macros that were written in excel 2016.

Now we have upgraded our MS office to MS 365 ( excel 2016). Now, some macros work fine and in some does not.

Can anybody tell me what needs to be done ( may be reference files needs to be added) ?



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There shouldnt be a compatibility issue; however, many things could go wrong.

  • Check security settings to make sure the macros are allowed to run.
  • Make sure sheets that don't exist are not referenced.
  • Make sure you are trying to run them on a local install of Excel.

If that doesnt work, post some code and tell us exactly which part is failing. You havent given enough information to properly troubleshoot the issue but maybe the above suggestuons can help.



Thanks Don, I will follow your instruction what you said and if need be I will get back with better inputs.. Thanks again.
Deva (rep: 4) May 22, '17 at 1:22 am
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