how to highlight values in cells automatically


hi my question is

1) In an internal examination we have 8 questions and marks for each question is 5, which will be 40 marks.

2) the student has to answer 5 questions which will lead to 25 marks, but some students answer more than 5 and i have written the formula to consider only 5 questions and the formula is "SUMPRODUCT(LARGE((F9:M9>=0)*F9:M9,{1,2,3,4,5}))"

3) my question is from F9 to M9 only those questions(i.e cells)  which have higher marks has to be highlighted with a colour automatically . how to do this

plz reply 



i need complet data so that i provide output
shirish Oct 5, '17 at 4:42 am
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you could use Conditional formatting for values either  Greater than 5   OR Greater than or Equal to 5.


You can use a custom conditional format and use this formula:


This assumes that your numbers are in cell G1:G10. Make sure to keep the dollar signs in there for the range and then apply this forumula to the entire range where you want to have conditional formatting.

If you need more of an explanation, just let me know.


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