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Need help.

I want to convert Regional language voter List (.PDF) into excel. I have tried all online softwares, adobe Acrobat basic converter. But it's not working. I had to make it manually. But it's time consuming. So, Is there any possibility that i could make software? (P.s. : I had contacted one online service provider for same task. They had done excellent. They provided data in Regional language as well in English also. So, Is it that they used some kind of software?)

What should i do if i want to learn to make such software?

How do i start?




No one will have created custom software just to do this kind of work for you. Most likely, they have the professional versions of the software that you used.

You need, I believe it is called, OCR software that can read an image file/PDF and turn the data into text that can be imported into Excel.

As you noticed, free ones exist but they do not always work so great.

I would search for another version of this kind of software and then read reviews on it to see if it will actually work; many of them should have a free trial period and, if your work is important enough, then just buy the full version once you verify that it works.


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