How to find/extract dates from a cell that contains texts/words


How to find/extract dates from a cell that contains texts/words



For example?
gebobs (rep: 30) May 8, '17 at 4:35 pm
There is multiple comments in a cell. with dates and sales exectuves name code.
For Example:

[ Sales Manager call back date and time : 13.4.2017 at 2pm _  Call Center _ 4/13/2017 12:14 PM   Shine : Customer has not yet received any call yet from the SM, he will be visitng the site today he wants a call back from the Sales manager as soon as possible as he wants assistance over the route, he is just 3 hours away from our project. _ Kelith _ 4/13/2017 12:36 PM   Contacted him for 2 time he is not responding the call, will call him again after 10 mins . _ Mac _ 4/13/2017 12:54 PM   He has visted the site he saw the site, he is only lookingbfor 3 or 3.5 bhk, has given the quotation of all the prices has given the rate of 3300 and 3700 so he has asked for a weeks time he will come after a week with family and then he will finalize. #nv _ Mac _ 4/16/2017 1:24 PM   Contacted him he is re visiting the skte in 1st week of may he has asked me to call on 3 may, he is coming with family he will show it to vastu expert and then he will finalize. _ Mac _ 4/20/2017 10:12 AM ]

In above example, I want to extract the Sales executive name code and the dates,, like, Mac updated comments 3 times on dates XXX and Kelith updated comments 1 time on date XXX.

That's it.

Please help me on these. Thanks.
snjy171188 May 9, '17 at 12:32 am
You need to update your question with this information!
Also, include a sample file because your example is confusing.
However, based on your example, I would say that you are not going to get a satisfactory solution on the Excel end of things.

Change how data is input into Excel or the program that is used to export the data to Excel because, as I see it now, there is not a clear enough pattern to make this work very well using methods in Excel.
don (rep: 1969) May 11, '17 at 11:02 am
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