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Hi everyone,

Please help me to do this task:

I want every number I paste into a cell becomes a negative number, and a negative number will stay negative number. For example:

1 becomes -1
0.5 becomes -0.5
-1 is still -1
-1.5 is till -1.5

Thank you very much.



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Short of using VBA there is no way you can change what a user has entered in a cell, even if it is done by pasting. There might be a way to do what you want using Paste Values, but that won't be less complicated than what I propose below.

Presuming that your numbers are in column A, I suggest to add a blank column B, place a formula in that column, copy down, change formula to values and delete column A. This is the formula in column A.


To convert the formula results to values, select the range with the formulas, press Ctl+C (or click 'Copy'), Click 'Paste' -> 'Paste Values' and end with ESC (escape key) to exit Cut/Copy mode.



Thank you very much.  
Lucas (rep: 2) Apr 28, '17 at 9:07 am
Your courtesy is appreciated. However, as a guide to other visitors to this forum, you should also accept an answer you have found useful. Future visitors will also be guided by the reputation of those who give answers. You have the power to vote posts up or down. It is a power you should exercise. Thank you.
Variatus (rep: 4864) Apr 28, '17 at 9:14 pm
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