hiding rows with certain colors and sorting the rest


Hi everyone!

I am trying to sort a column of data by color but at the same time hide rows that have certain colors.

So I want to hide all rows that have a red background and then sort the remaining rows by color.

Is this possible?





Yes. It's possible. I think you will need VBA for it. Post the code you have written and we will help you iron out the kinks, if any.
Variatus (rep: 3758) Apr 24, '17 at 5:46 am
All oif it can be done with the canned data sort and data filtering provided by Excel.
gebobs (rep: 30) Apr 25, '17 at 8:51 am
gebobs could you provide me an example how I can do it please? Sorry Im a bit of a novice at excel :/
emily23 (rep: 2) Apr 27, '17 at 7:08 am
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Hi guys, I ended up creating a helper column with numbers that correspond to each color and then I used that column to sort the data by color and to exclude the desired colors.

This required a bit of extra work but was easier for me than using a macro.

Thanks for your help!


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