How to not lose concatenation while attempting to sort other columns based on numeric value.


  I am using an excel worksheet for my Qaballistic endeavors. I have one column dedicated to text in which I use the "concatenate" formula in excel. In another column, I have the numeric definition for the text (see greek gematria for basic understanding of assigning numeric values to letters). When I attempt to sort the number column, I lose all the concatenation from the text column. Are you aware of any type of macros that can solve this for me? 


   William M. Hollingsworth



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If all your concatenations are within the same row you must ensure that all columns of your used range are included in the sort. If you sort only one column, of course, the other columns remain in place and references get lost. If this doesn't work for you for whatever reason (for example because you reference another worksheet or other rows in the same worksheet), a solution won't be possible without looking at your worksheet and the exact steps by which you sort it.


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