Combine data from different sheets in Book1 into new sheet in Book2 whne run macro


I have data in a few tabs in Book1 and when I run macro (button locate in Book2) I want to combine everything into new sheet in Book2. However, it isn't just copy and paste.
In my book1 I have COL A:F that contain same info that use for G:P some COL are blank.
When combine data I want A:F to repeat (add more rows) for when G:P isn't empty.

I have attached Book1 which the data and Book2 how I wanted it to look like after run macro. Is there a way to do this? I actually have more than 2 sheet to combine but the attached example should be good for the example. 

Thank you in advance!




Yes. There is a way to do that. You can copy anything from one location and paste it to any other location. You might start by recording a macro, but you may soon come up against the limits of what can be recorded. Another way is to google for "Excel copy / paste" or "Excel copy data between worksheets using VBA" and you will find many working examples of code written for similar uses.


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