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Hi, I need help writing this formula:

how to write a formula for 100,000-3.5% =96,500.  (96,500*1.75%=1688.75) I need the result in that sell to show the total of (96,500+1688.75) 98,188.75.

The 100,000 is in a cell A1 and the 3.5% is in cell A2

the result needs to be in cell A3.



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Almost like you wrote it but with an equals sign in front. In Excel, all basic math rules and oerder of operations applies.



Thanks for your assistance, with this formula (=A1*0.965*(1+A2)) the answer is coming out at 99,878, it should be 98,189
rbhiro Apr 13, '17 at 11:01 am
Glad to have been of assistance. So disappointed though. You missed the chance to give me my first up-vote ever on this site :-)
Variatus (rep: 4148) Apr 14, '17 at 12:06 pm
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You didn't tell us where the 1.75% comes from. This formula presumes that it is in A3.


On the other hand, if 1.75% is always half of A2 you might use the formula like this:-



Thank you very much, that was perfect. 
rbhiro Apr 14, '17 at 11:16 am
rbhiro, if this was the right answer you need to select it by clicking the blue Select Answer button under it.
cappymer1 (rep: 120) Apr 16, '17 at 2:18 am
@cappymer1 - Thank you. It's funny though that I see no "Select answer" button (any colour) on the entire page. Also, all answers have a big, fat 0 at their top left, but mine has no voting arrows above and below that 0. As I said, I'm new here. But is that how it should be?
Variatus (rep: 4148) Apr 16, '17 at 4:44 am
If you asked the question then you are able to select the answer to it and will see the button. Also, you can't vote on your own answers/questions and that's why you don't see the arrows next to your own answer.
cappymer1 (rep: 120) Apr 16, '17 at 5:02 am
@cappymer1 - makes sense. Thank you.
Variatus (rep: 4148) Apr 16, '17 at 5:07 am
@Cappymer1 - Makes perfect sense. Thank you.
Variatus (rep: 4148) Apr 16, '17 at 5:08 am
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