safely hide or protect data in Excel


Hi, I just saw this tutorial on your site:

I was wondering if there was a secure or safe way to hide data in Excel so that users who shouldn't be able to see it can't see it.

At the bottom of the tutorial says that I can "protect" the worksheet to keep it secure but what if I want to hide the entire worksheet and prevent a user from seeing it. How do I do that since you can right-click the sheet tabs and show hidden worksheet?



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See this:



sahak, when you post here, make sure to include the steps that solve the issue instead of just posting a link to a tutorial; at least you need to provide a summary. Links can be broken in the future or the website could be shutdown and people who come here should still be able to get the correct answer.
cappymer1 (rep: 120) Apr 16, '17 at 2:24 am
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