Add Each Value in one column to all data in another


I need an easiest way to do the follwoing. All the data in column A have each tag in column b. doing manually takes lo of time. column a have 1000 data and b have 200. please help

Sample attached

Coloumn A have Name lets say, John, Smith, Peter, Wang, Lee and coloumn B have JAN, FEB, MAR, APR, MAY

I need John-JAN, Smith-JAN, Peter-JAN, Wang-JAN, Lee-JAN below that John-FEB, Smith-FEB, Peter-FEB, Wang-FEB, Lee-FEB likewise. John in Column A and JAN in column B.



How do you want the tags generated or attached or matched to the data in column A? I am unable to see a pattern in the sample workbook.
don (rep: 1969) Apr 5, '17 at 4:04 am
They are not values so "add" is not the correct terminology. Please think carefully about what you want to do and rephrase. Perhaps give an example.
gebobs (rep: 30) Apr 5, '17 at 8:27 am
That literally looks nothing like the sample file that you posted. Did you check the file you uploaded? In the file, it looks like you have a legend at the top of the worksheet and then want to use that legend to match the Doc No's with the Tag, which is not really what you said in the update above.
don (rep: 1969) Apr 6, '17 at 4:23 am
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