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Hello everybody, 

I'm currently looking for some help on how to track the project development time according to certain milestones. I found already good charts and templates, but i noticed that none of those provided include functions that can help to track whether the project is on time or delayed: for example if i want to check at different intervals of completion (25%, 50%, 90%) whether the work is going as planned, things become a bit more complicated and i have difficulties to figure out a proper way to structure the excel. 

I wonder if anybody had experience in these cases, would be very appreciate to get any of your feedbacks and ideas. 



This is HIGHLY dependent on the setup of your spreadsheet. If you can include a sample spreadsheet with an example before and after, it will be much easier to help you.
don (rep: 1969) Apr 4, '17 at 6:14 am
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