Answer in a field on one tab auto-populates information in different tab



I have three tabs on my spreaddsheet which is being used to track information.

I want the third tab to only be populated by information if a certain criteria is met. Is this feasible?


Tab 1: Item Number, Decription, Frequency, Chargeable? (Y/N), Cost, Tracking Number

Tab 2: Item Number, Description, Chargeable? (Y/N), Cost, Tracking Number

Tab 3: Tracking Number, Cost

Tab 3 to be populated with Chargeable? = Y.



Is this the same issue as your other question? If so, please delete one of them. If it's not just let us know in a comment here - they appear quite similar.
don (rep: 1576) Apr 4, '17 at 6:13 am
They aren't the same. The first question is regarding auto-populating specific fields when certain information is entered in to a field.
This is regarding, where there are certain answers, populating a new tab with all the information required.
delmato Apr 4, '17 at 6:21 am
The below answer should also help you on your other question.
don (rep: 1576) Apr 6, '17 at 4:24 am
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Hi there!

This is really easy to do. Check the cells on the other tabs to see if the "Chargeable" one equals "Y" and if it does populate the desired information into tab 3.

You will use an IF statement, something like this:

=IF(Sheet1!A1="Y",Sheet1!E1,"Do something else.")

Sheet1!A1="Y" - checks if the Chargeable cell equals Y, change the sheet name and cell reference as needed

Sheet1!E1 - populates the cell with the contents of Sheet1 cell E1 if the Chargeable cell equals Y

"Do something else." - outputs this text if the Chargeable cell does not equal Y

Maybe you should checkout the IF statement tutorial and linking across worksheets tutorial on this site.


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