How to select specific columns to customize a plan


I have mulitiple columns that all have different values in the corresponding rows.  I would like to be able to "select" various combinations of these columns and subsequently have a total of the values of rows.

Is there a way to "activate" or "deactivate" a column to make this work?  I am thinking of maybe like a "checkbox" at the top of each column that I could easily select and deselect.



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You could select all the data, go to an empty worksheet, and right-click a cell and then Paste Special > Transpose; once you do this you can use the Filter feature to literally select and deselect rows using a checkbox interface.

Make sure each column has a header before applying the filter.



Thank you, that set me on the right track to get it done.  I appreciate your input.
scottjfravel (rep: 2) Mar 31, '17 at 3:39 pm
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