Make a cell mandatory when a specified value is entered in another cell


Hello.  I have good understanding of formulas, but am just learning about vba.

I am looking for a way to handle the following scenario-

If value in F2 = "Other"  make cell I2 mandatory (I2 is a text field and can contain any text)

I need to carry this down the column from F2:F116

If value in F3 = "Other"  make I3 mandatory.

If value in F4 = "Other"  make I4 mandatory.

If value in F5 = "Other' make I5 mandatory

and so on....

One detail of note, fields F2:F116 are using data validation with a list to choose from that includes 5 unique values.

I appreciate any suggestions.





Try using data validation for cell I2 and use this formula:


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