1. I need to make a excel sheet for my company,a monthly report which need to be contained normal and ovetime working hours .we are having 6 to 10 different jobs per month. We deploying different labours eachday..we are having 50numbers of the end of month we need to know how much hours is utilised for each job by each I set a formula for this work?For example on 01.01.2017 karun had duty on construction of hollow bricks next day he posted to another we having a number labours and a quantity of work which is completing on the basis of daily the end of month each day we need to know how much work time is uesd for each job and how much hours worked by an labour in daily basis..



I'm sure there are many templates you could find on the internet to help with this, but I can give you a simple one to start with.

The most important thing is how you store the data; after you get that figured out, everything else it just about accessing it in an efficient and easy way.

Attached is a sample file that I just created; it's not perfect, but it should get you pointed in the right direction. As you will notice, it is VERY simple. That is OK! The difficult part will be sorting through the data in order to extract the specific information that you want.

Basically, this is a starter setup and you can add as many pieces as you want to it to make it more user-friendly; including data-validation drop-down menus for the jobs, separate first and last name fields along with a column for a unique ID number for each employee, a custom worksheet used to sift through the data, etc.

You can ask new questions for each additional feature you need. Also, don't forget to search this site to see if some of the tutorials for what you want to do already exist.


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