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I'm using Excel 2010. I have a coloumn that contains images of spare parts. I have created a hyperlink for each picture. Now I have two questions:

1. When I shifted the folder containing the Excel File and Image (sub-folder) to another computer using a flash drive, the hyperlinks are not working in the other computer. I copied the same folder to the google drive and had the same problem with hyperlinks. What should I do so that hyperlink may work on other computers and google drive?

2. If I want to create a hyperlink to an excel sheet containing a coloumn of pictures collectively to a folder. Can I do it or I have to go on individual picture to give it the individual hyperlink?




You can try to use hyperlinks that are relative to the current Excel file.

There are a couple ways to do this; if you have the workbook open, just use the name of the workbook in the hyperlink instead of the full path.

You can also use the full path in the HYPERLINK function using a little Excel formula:

=LEFT(CELL("filename"),FIND("*", SUBSTITUTE(CELL("filename"), "\", "*", LEN(CELL("filename")) - LEN(SUBSTITUTE(CELL("filename"),"\","")))))

Try this formula in any saved workbook and it should return the path to that workbook.

If you put it into the HYPERLINK function it would look similar to this:

=HYPERLINK(LEFT(CELL("filename"),FIND("*",SUBSTITUTE(CELL("filename"),"\","*",LEN(CELL("filename"))-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(CELL("filename"),"\",""))))) & "THE REST OF THE PATH FOR THE LINK","Visible Link Text")

For the second part of the question, you can easily make HYPERLINK functions, or you can create a macro that assigns links to images. Whether you should use a macro or do it all by hand depends on how many images you have and if there is an easily programmable pattern to making the links or not.


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