Retrieving data from separate workbooks


Is it possible to get information from one workbook. 

So I have a workbook dedicated to tracking sales  for up to 12 staff for a month. I want to create a separate workbook for staff training. But ideally having the new workbook autopopulate the sales targets and actual sales from the first workbook would be great. 

I'm hoping to have it in separate workbooks so it doesn't have 25 tabs.  I need it to be as easy to use as possible as it's going to be used by not tech savvy people




The easiest way is to just make cell references to the other workbooks.

Your situation will require some tedious work to get this exactly how you want it but you just have to have both workbooks open at the same time, enter = and then navigate to the other workbook and select the cell that you want to import.

This is a very simple way to have one workbook "copy" the information from another. It may not always be the best option but it's pretty easy to use.

Here are two of our tutorials that explain how to do more complex formulas and functions between separate workbooks:

Reference Other Excel Files with Formulas and Functions

Import a Worksheet from One Workbook to Another in Excel


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