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Hello Everyone,

Suddenly I received a task from my boss, with a very short deadline. I've spent two days in agony with this, so I decided to ask for help :)

I would highly appreciate if you could help solve the below issue. The story goes like this:

There is a shift plan, where we need to mark our holidays, sick leave..etc. This is used for planning BUT! Every time when we need a holiday, we need to request it in a tool, and that tool also generates the report. This report marks:

-          The name of the requester

-          Request type (Sickness, Holiday..etc.)

-          Starting date

-          Ending date

Now. In a lot of occasions, this report differs from the shiftplan. For this reason, my Boss decided to give me like 400 requests to compare it with the shift-plan :)

Example attached:


Question is How can I tell my formula, to check a specific person's schedule for a specific date range..? If shift-plan and report is in sync, I don't need to do anything But, if there is a mismatch, I need to mark it on a new spreadsheet:

Name of the requester; Request type; Starting date; Ending date; Actual markings in shift-plan for the related range.

Any idea is appreciated!!!

P.s. We use Office 2010

Kind regards,




Are the dates stored as actual dates? I can't tell from the drop-box psuedo Excel spreadsheet.
don (rep: 1506) Mar 2, '17 at 5:10 am
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