Disappearing Rows After using Filter


Hi all,

I am using a spreadsheet which is a dump of information from Oracle.

I have added columns and done some formulas to get the set up I want and all is good.

Until I add a new row (ie a new product). After I have added a new row with a new product and then sort using the filter button, all of the new rows I have added then dissapear (but not the new columns).

I have obviously tried to unhide and that did not help. I also tried changing all row heights to 18 and that did not bring up the lost rows.

I found that if I hovered over the area where the rows are there is a double line on the cursor and I can retrieve the missing row that way, by dragging it back to the sheet.

But I cannot find all of these new hidden rows, what is the issue? Is there a formula here somewhere I need to turn off?




It sounds to me like the original filter is still being applied and that, as per the filter conditions, it is filtering out the new rows.

Try clearing all filter criteria and then performing the sort.


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