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I have data in A1:A47. and data in B1:H101. In these two range of data the common data return to I coloumn. I need a formula to do this. Please help me.



Can the values in column A be anywhere in the range B1:H101 or only in a specific column within that range?
don (rep: 1685) Feb 18, '17 at 12:40 am
Thanks for your response. Yes, the values in column A can be anywhere in the range B1:H101.
Tamgid Feb 18, '17 at 3:59 am
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There is probably an annoying formula way to do this but there is also a simple VBA/Macro solution:

Sub check_values()

For a = 1 To 41

    checkValue = Cells(a, 1).Value

    For i = 1 To 101

        For n = 2 To 8

            If checkValue = Cells(i, n).Value And Cells(i, n) <> "" Then

                Cells(a, 9).Value = "Yes"

            End If

        Next n

    Next i

Next a

End Sub

It may seem complex but it's just a few loops that go through your data and output Yes in column I in the row where the value in column A was located in the range B1:H101.


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