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Does anyone know how to import a full page from the web in Excel 2013? In Excel 2000, selecting Get External Data/New Web Query from the Data menu permitted the selection of 1) The Entire Page, 2) Only The Tables and 3) One or more specific tables on the page. These choices are no longer available in Excel 2013. Instead, only tables identified by a yellow arrow can be selected. I need the entire page so I can then select specific information. Thanks.




I think this will depend on the webpage as some pages that I visit have that arrow for the entire page and some don't.

However, Excel is a table-oriented program, so any data that you try to import will work better if it is in a table on the web. It will be better if you select the individual tables that you want and import them as you will have less processing work to do in Excel.

When I import a full page into Excel, it always brings in waaay too much data; just focus on the data that you need.

Excel is not generally good at importing web pages directly into its spreadsheet; so, depending on your data, you should try to have the website export the relevant data into a CSV format first before bringing it into Excel.

(If you can update your question with a specific example, there might be other options that I can help you figure out to solve this issue.)


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