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While working on a spreadsheet, I typed something by mistake (which I don't remember) which resulted in my current worksheet getting disappaeared. I can see other sheets except the one I was working on. I have already tried out the following:

>>"Unhide" option is greyed out.

>>Arraging two excel workbooks side by side is also not working

Pl. help. (I have attached a screenshot of the blank sheet.)



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Open up the file, then go to VBA and change the "StandardWidth" from 0 to 8 (or some number other than ZERO 0 which it was set at!

Why would this BLANK workbook be of importance anyways?  Use another file!



Thank you so much for your answer. It worked.

The original workbook isn't blank. Data of it being little sensitive, before attaching the file here, I pressed Ctrl+A & Del in hope that it might delete the data in the hidden sheet.
CA_NJAIN (rep: 2) Feb 18, '17 at 1:50 am
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