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Hey yall!

I was wondering how I can create a drop list in a cell that will say 1,2,3,or 4 where 1=400, 2=800, 3=1200 ND 4=1600? Its going to be a create calender so I need to keep the date in the cell and have the cell have the drop down list in the cell. Then I need to take the data from the calender and make a graft so I can show how much growth each day is. 

any help with be great!




You just need to setup the drop-down list in the cell that contains the original numbers and then in whichever cell you want to use values from that list, use a simple math formula like =A1*400 to get the correct output result. (the sample formula assumes the drop-down list would be in cell A1)

I might be missing something and, if so, please update your question and include a sample spreadsheet of what you want it to look like.


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